Teaching resources

We appreciate how little time teachers get to implement new initiatives

outside of an already challenging workload, so to make life easier we have

produced an entire suite of cross-curricular Key Stage 1 & 2 Teaching

Resources designed to meet National Curriculum learning outcomes

across all subjects. Bug Storeys Teaching Resources have been developed

in association with qualified teaching professionals and include a variety

of lesson plans, activity and project ideas that can be easily incorporated

into your school year.

Our EYFS package focuses on the importance of play in early years learning, with an underlying environmental focus. With our exciting activities, children will learn to count with insects, learn to read with small mammals, and learn to play with amphibians - whilst simultaneously learning about all of these creatures.  And through as much interaction with the Bug Storeys Habitat as possible, our collection of robust and interactive activities, designed with the EYFS statutory framework in mind, will encourage social development, improve communication, and develop an initial understanding of the natural world.

Our Primary level resources focus on the wonders

and importance of UK nature through an interactive

and exciting approach.  Designed to meet National

Curriculum key learning outcomes across KS 1&2, our

teaching packs provide every resource that is needed;

easy-to-follow lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations,

30 copies of each worksheet.  With lessons covering nine subjects, from designing bugs and writing stories to creating an insect orchestra, and with as much interaction with the Bug Storeys Habitat as possible, your class will be understanding and appreciating nature in no time.

Early Years Foundation Study

Primary/Junior School

Secondary School

An exciting and challenging suite of Teaching Resources aimed at those teaching KS 3&4 will

be available in Spring 2014. Designed to meet National Curriculum key outcomes, the

resources are being developed to work alongside the Bug Storeys Habitat. If you would like

to be kept abreast of developments and be among the first to preview the Secondary School

resources please note your interest by contacting us here.


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