Welcome to the support section of our website. We’ve called it the support section because it’s

designed to help schools and community groups secure government grants and funding for a Bug Storeys project, plus it shows businesses how they can get involved with sponsorship and funding, too.


Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of the spectrum, we’re here to ensure that you get all

the support, advice and practical assistance you need to bring Bug Storeys to life in your locality and

make a change for the better.

Community groups

Share the love for British bugs and wildlife


Bug Storeys is brilliant for community groups and projects, from cubs, brownies, allotment committees,

special needs groups, clubs, associations and gardening clubs to the WI and everything in between.


For any group of like-minded people who share common ground, Bug Storeys provides a reason to get

together and do your bit to protect, nurture and conserve British wildlife. From getting involved in the

build of a communal Bug Storeys Habitat to taking part in fun Bug Day workshops, or finding inspiration

in a fascinating Bug Ranger talk, Bug Storeys is all about shared experience. It’s a powerful thing.


As well as giving native species a home and somewhere safe to feed and breed, the Bug Storeys

Habitat can provide allotments, parks, communal gardens and play areas with a year-round resource

that all ages, from nippers to nonagenarians, can get involved with, care for and enjoy. As well as

bringing bugs and mini-beasts together, your Bug Storeys Habitat will bring people together to

experience a shared sense of responsibility and achievement.


The Bug Storeys Habitat is a great looking and eye-catching addition to any landscape, but it’s more

than just a pretty face.  Allotments, parks and gardens will benefit from attracting natural pollinators,

such as bees, butterflies and moths, and natural pest controllers, such as hedgehogs, ladybirds and

spiders. It’s also a great way to get children (and adults) to spend more time outdoors and learn more

about the natural world around them. The beautiful thing about bugs and mini-beasts is that you can

share in their world wherever you live, from an urban housing estate to the grounds of a rural village hall.


Either as an accompaniment to the Bug Storeys Habitat, or as stand-alone events, Bug Storeys also

offers a variety of fascinating talks and lively, interactive Bug Day workshops. Hosted by our qualified

Bug Rangers, all of whom have accredited backgrounds in ecology, zoology and conservation, these

entertaining and specially tailored events are designed to bring the beauty and wonder of British

wildlife to your community in an educational and inspirational way.


If you’d like to consider a Bug Storeys Habitat for your local community or community group, or are

interested in finding out more about our Bug Day talks and workshops, do get in touch. We can also

advise you on how to secure local government funding or local business sponsorship to help with

the cost.




It’s a fact that a recent report by Natural England states that less than 10% of children play in

woodlands, countryside and heaths, compared with 40% of adults when they were young. We

think, with your help, that it’s time to redress that balance and start creating natural habitats – and

compelling reasons to interact with them – to every school and community ground across the UK.


At Bug Storeys, we’re in the business of bringing nature and the great outdoors back into people’s

lives. We’re on a mission to make a difference. To inspire a love for, and guardianship of, native British

bugs, mini-beasts, mammals and reptiles. To protect declining species of natural pollinators, such as

bees and butterflies and natural pest controllers, such as hedgehogs.  And to encourage more children

to get off their sofas, away from their screens and out into the fresh air to interact with the natural

world around them.


We know that businesses are looking for ways to show their commitment to corporate social

responsibility, ways to support and get more involved with the community. For ways to improve

education opportunities within schools; to contribute to a better, more sustainable environment

and to make a positive and lasting difference to the lives and habitats not only of families across

Britain, but of our native wildlife and landscapes, too.


We’d like you to get involved. To give your support and sponsorship to help schools, youth

associations and community groups across Britain to not only build Bug Storeys Habitat, but to

learn more about native wildlife and its importance to the environment through our ever-evolving

programme of Bug Day workshops and talks. We can help you to help us make a real difference

and enjoy the rewards of doing something for the common good.


To talk to us about how you can get involved with a Bug Storeys scheme in your local area

(or nationwide) and lend your financial support, please contact

Grants and funding for schools


We appreciate how difficult it can be to raise funds, especially if you’ve already exhausted your budget

for outdoor adventures. The quickest and easiest route, of course, is to approach your PTA but if

that’s not possible, or money has simply run out, let us assist you. We’re keen to ensure that as many

people as possible are nurturing and protecting nature with the help of Bug Storeys, so we’ll work with you to try and do what we can to get funding for your project.



PTAs are going to love Bug Storeys


Why a Bug Storeys Habitat and experience for your school? Because it’s a great idea. Because children

of all ages love it, engage with it and learn from it. And because it works both in and out of the

classroom, so every child in the school has a reason to be outside in the fresh air interacting with

nature, every day of the year. Inside, teachers benefit from a host of invaluable and easy-to-use lesson

and activity plans designed to keep the children inspired, whilst meeting national curriculum key

outcomes across the majority of subjects.


What’s more, your school will become one of a growing network of schools around the country who are not only already benefiting from Bug Storeys, but in doing so are helping to protect and nurture native British wildlife for the good of us all. We’ve spent a long time talking to school treasurers, bursars and governors and as a result have put together something we call a Business Case to take all the hard work out of presenting the concept. Your teachers can either use this to present the idea to you, or you can use it to table at the next monthly meeting.  Download the form here.

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