BUG STOREYS for schools package includes:

 Interactive Build: Bug Storeys Habitat, built in

 school grounds involving Bug Ranger, pupils and teachers.


 Bug Hunt: Bug Ranger leads children to find the first inhabitants

 of the Bug Storeys Habitat.


 Bug Ranger Nature Talk: a lively and interactive talk about the

 different species the habitat is likely to attract.


 Teaching Resources: a suite of supporting Key Stage 1&2

 resources that have been developed in collaboration with

 schools and teaching professionals in adherence with National

 Curriculum learning outcomes across all subjects, including

 science, geography, literacy, numeracy, ICT and DT. Plus, the

 development of bespoke resources where required.


 Free Bug Storeys worksheets: fun activities all about bugs and their



 Return visit by Bug Ranger within the first 3 to 6 months.

We'll be in touch


Below is a step-by-step guide to what you can expect once you have placed an order for Bug Storeys at your school.

Once we have received your order for one of our Bug Storeys Habitats, a Bug Ranger will be

in touch to confirm your build date and arrange a pre-build visit to your school to decide

the best location for the structure. During that visit the Bug Ranger will talk you through

what will happen on the day of the build so that you can get as many children and teachers

involved (as well as parents and other visitors if you wish) – it’s a great excuse to throw a

party or host a special Bug Day to raise awareness of this important event.


We are also happy to arrange a special Bug Storeys assembly during our

first visit. This will involve our Bug Ranger giving a brief talk to the entire school about

the wonderful world of mini-beasts and the imminent arrival of the new Bug Storeys Habitats

and activities.

What happens next?


The Bug Storeys Habitat build 

When the big bug day comes, our Bug Ranger will arrive at your school with all the necessary materials to commence the build of the Bug Storeys Habitats that morning. During the course of the day individual groups or classes of children can take part in the build under safe supervision and then join the Bug Ranger on a fun, informative Bug Hunt to search out the first inhabitants. There will be a talk about the bugs and other kinds of wildlife that are likely to move in or interact with the Bug Storeys Habitats over the coming months – it’s a great opportunity for children to learn more about the insects and mini-beasts they have just found during the bug hunt.  The Bug Ranger will also be ready to answer any questions, as well as offering helpful hints and advice on how to maintain the structure throughout the year.  The day usually lasts from around 8.00am until 3.15pm, but we will do our best to work within specific time constraints where possible.

Why not book a Bug Storeys workshop?

Please click here to request more information

Our Bug Rangers also run brilliant, interactive

classroom workshops throughout the year designed

to engage, entertain, inform and inspire pupils of all

ages. Naturally based around the Bug Storey and

the wonderful world of insects, mini-beasts and

other native species, we can tailor the content to

complement any specific projects or subjects on

your syllabus.


A return visit from your Bug Ranger

Following the build, you are welcome to contact us any time if you have any questions about Bug Storeys or any of the teaching resources you have received. Your Bug Ranger will be in touch after the first three months to arrange another visit to check that you are happy with everything and monitor the habitat on site to make sure that everything is as it should be.



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