Meet the team

“What we have loved, others will love, and we may teach them how.”

 William Wordsworth

It’s a bug’s life for the members of the Bug Storeys team – and that’s just the way we like it.

We’re on a mission to change the world. Starting in your school grounds, allotments and back gardens,

we’re here to spread the love for British bugs and wildlife. To protect, conserve and nurture nature.

To engage, educate and inspire our children. And to encourage families, gardeners, groups,

communities and businesses to not only take responsibility for the natural world around us, but to

really enjoy doing it, too.


Of course, we can’t change the world on our own. There’s a whole team behind the team featured

below, but these are the faces you are most likely to meet over the coming months.

Sandra Thomson: FounderThe ’92 Rio summit had a massive impact on me.  I’d spent a year researching environmental issues for my final year thesis and soaked up all I could learn from the Doctors and Professors I worked with at the start of my career in an interactive science centre. Bug Storeys has brought back the tremendous satisfaction I felt when I taught children visiting the centre about the wonders of the natural world.  Since then I’ve focused on making change happen within organisations.  I’ve held several senior roles (including some consultancy positions) with Europe’s largest conservation charity, The National Trust with Macmillan Cancer Support and The Open University.  I love what I do and I’m so excited about reigniting a mission to make the world a better place.


Favourite animal: The Irish Setter. Loyal, silly, fun and easily excited by simple things.

Three things that make you happy: Walking long distances at high altitude, giving people opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise been given, noisy board games with my family at Christmas.

One thing that makes you cross: Elderly people having to stand on the tube. Don’t get me started.

If you were prime minister for the day what’s the one thing you would change:

Change the rules and get myself at least one year in office. Then I would change the rigid nature of our education system to allow greater creativity. We could do more to nurture talent through allowing them to develop their passions rather than crush those things because they don’t conform.

Last supper? Bangers and mash with mustard seeds, onion and red wine gravy. Lovely!

Lisa Small: Communications DirectorLove the countryside, love wildlife, love meeting people so am naturally loving being a part of Bug Storeys after a long career in advertising as a copywriter and Creative Director. I met Sandra whilst working on strategic campaigns for the National Trust and it is our shared passion for conservation and education that has resulted in the birth of Bug Storeys.

Favourite animal: Today it’s a tapir. Gentle, unique, ticklish.

Three things that make you happy: Sunny days. Good friends. A great book.

One thing that makes you cross: Not trying.

If you were prime minister for the day what’s the one thing you would change:

I would immediately ban any progress being made on the proposed HS2 high speed rail route through the Chilterns.

Last supper? Fish and chips on a seaside wall.

Michelle Brown: Senior Bug Ranger

I’m a qualified Ecologist with over 6 years’ professional experience. Passionate about inspiring others to learn about biodiversity and conservation I encourage them to look more closely at our surroundings and see the beauty and importance in the little things that are so easy to take for granted. As well as my love for bugs and mammals of all shapes and sizes, I am licensed to work with all British species of amphibian and reptile. I have a particular fondness for snakes and dragonflies and just love designing and building ponds for the enjoyment of people and native wildlife.

Favourite animal: Elephant - strong, sensitive, intelligent and nothing makes me smile more than watching a little one learning to use his trunk :)

Three things that make you happy: Watching wild creatures in their natural environment;

crisp autumn strolls in a warm coat; a good catch up with friends and family.

One thing that makes you cross: People talking over others. Grrr!

If you were prime minister for the day what’s the one thing you would change:

I’d give tax reductions to those who contribute to their community and conservation by volunteering in activities to look after our environment.

Last supper? A big bowl of fluffy mashed potato with lots of proper butter.

Luke Penketh: Bug Ranger

My earliest memories consist of rummaging around in fields, bushes, ponds

and mud before presenting the creatures I found to my mum. This eventually led to a degree in Zoology from UCL, a huge passion for the environment and it’s preservation, and a desire to instil this excitement for nature in others.

Favourite animal: The Elephant.  Elephants are incredibly beautiful, despite being big, grey and

covered in wrinkles - the opposite to our society’s image of beauty.

Three things that make you happy: Exploring new ideas, places and experiences. Being

 surrounded by friends. Taking photographs.

One thing that makes you cross: Wasting food.

If you were prime minister for the day what’s the one thing you would change:

I would remove ALL investments into brown energy (coal, oil, gas, nuclear) and invest it all into a

green energy infrastructure.

Last supper? Being a vegetarian freegan, who only eats meat that is going to waste, I would raid

my local Waitrose bins after closing for some delicious sirloin steak.

Michelle Rosenberg: Communications Consultant

'Life & Style' presenter for @ukhealthradio, freelance writer/PR, Avenger and Superhero aficionado, besotted mum, confirmed bookworm and women's history obsessive, Michelle’s first book, 'Inspiring Women', focusing on women in business, was published by Crimson Publishing ( in 2007 and includes interviews with the founders of Coffee Republic, SpecSavers, Pineapple and The White Company.

Favourite animal: Gorilla

Three things that make you happy: Family. Books. Sunshine.

One thing that makes you cross: Ignorance

If you were prime minister for the day what’s the one thing you would change:

Improving quality of children's outdoor education and improving sports provision.

Last supper? Eggs Benedict breakfast followed by Belgian Chocolate Haagan Daz

with hot chocolate sauce.

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