If you love your garden you’ll love what Bug Storeys can bring to the plants

and animals within it. Providing food and shelter for native species of insects,

reptiles and mammals, the Bug Storeys Habitat is also a breeding ground for a

host of natural pollinators, pest controllers and compost creators who will help

to keep your garden healthy and beautiful in the most natural and organic way.


From ladybirds and spiders, who keep blackfly and greenfly at bay, to hedgehogs

and toads; from pest-munching slowworms to wonderful earthworms, who take

care of your soil and provide the birds with a great source of nutrition, a Bug Storeys

Habitat gives keen gardeners all the assistance Mother Nature can provide. The wildflower

meadow that is seeded on top will, once established, attract a host of natural pollinators

to your garden too, including butterflies and different types of bee.  And when the pollinating

is done, it’s the perfect place to hibernate and incubate future generations for the following spring.

Bug Storeys for gardeners

Good news for your garden!

The good news is that your Bug Storeys Habitat will not only improve the natural health of your

garden, but its fabulous design means that it will enhance the beauty of your garden, too. More than just a talking point, it’s a stunning feature that will be the envy of your fellow green-fingered friends.


Along with the Bug Storeys Habitat itself, you can pick

up great gardening tips and fascinating facts about

garden wildlife in our monthly Garden Blog.

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