Bug Storeys garden package

The great – and unique – thing about Bug Storeys is that we build the

habitat for you. You literally don’t have to lift a finger. Once you have

ordered your Bug Storey one of our fully qualified Bug Rangers will visit

your home to establish the best location for the habitat and explain what

insects and other species it is most likely to attract over the coming

months. The Bug Ranger will then return to build your Bug Storey, seed

the wildflower meadow on top and take you through some simple

maintenance steps to ensure that your habitat stays healthy and attractive

to insects and other wildlife.


The five pull-out drawers enable you to access the habitats within at any

time without disturbing the breeding and feeding areas. It’s a brilliant

way to interact with nature, discover what has set up residence, monitor

any changes and replenish any disturbed materials, if necessary. Your Bug

Ranger will return during the first three months to ensure that everything

is as it should be and to answer any questions.

What happens next?

Below is a step-by-step guide to what you can expect once you have placed an order for a Bug Storeys at your home.

Once we have received your order one of our Bug Rangers will be in touch to confirm your build. During that phone call we will talk you through what will happen on the day of the build so that you can get family and friends together to share the experience if you wish – it’s a great excuse to throw a children’s birthday party or host a special Bug Day barbecue for the grown-ups.



We'll be in touch

The Bug Storeys Habitat build

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When the big day arrives, our Bug Ranger will arrive at your home with all the necessary materials to commence the build of the Bug Storeys Habitat that morning. The Bug Ranger will invite you to assist with the build should you wish. You will also be informed about the bugs and other wildlife that are likely to move in or interact with the Bug Storeys Habitat over the coming months, as well helpful hints and advice on how to maintain the structure throughout the year.

A return visit from your Bug Ranger

Following the build, you are welcome to contact us any time if you have any questions about your Bug Storey or any of the materials you have received. Your Bug Ranger will be in touch after the first three months to arrange another visit to check that you are happy with everything

and monitor the habitat on site to make sure that everything is as it should be.


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