Children will love them

As well as inspiring a greater respect for wildlife of

all shapes and sizes, Bug Storeys will help children

to learn more about natural life cycles, food chains,

habitats, climate and the key roles that invertebrates

play in sustaining life on earth. Importantly, the unique

design incorporates five pull-out drawers so that

children are able to access the bugs and habitats

within throughout the seasons, monitoring changes

and populations year-round.


From bug hunts to insect identification, data

collection to environmental studies, writing class

blogs and stories to filming, design technology and

so much more, Bug Storeys works as hard out of

the classroom as it does within it.  And we’ve given

teachers all the support they need with a range of

‘off-the-shelf’, cross-curricular teaching resources

designed to meet National Curriculum

KS 1&2 learning outcomes across all subjects.

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