Making a great start at Moulsford

The very first school in the country to host a Bug Storeys experience

was Moulsford Preparatory School for Boys, located in South

Oxfordshire. Having visited the school a couple of times to present the

concept to department heads, agree the best spot for the Bug Storeys Habitats and liaise with teachers on scheduling and teaching resources, we

commenced the build at the beginning of June 2013. It was a great day,

the weather was more than kind, the Mayor of Wallingford brought his

grandchildren along and the pupils, aged between four and thirteen had a

fantastic time with our Bug Ranger, as you can see from the photos.

Here’s what Year 3 Science Teacher Jennie Brown had to say

about their Bug Storeys experience so far…

As a Year 3 teacher and the Science teacher for the same age group I have found

Bug Storeys incredibly adaptable to different aspects of the curriculum already, and

it has only been here for half a term! We have had such fun populating it with bugs

and the children have loved scrabbling around in the bushes and compost area

searching for a whole myriad of bugs from beetles to woodlice. We found a

beautiful dragon fly on it only last week and were able to photograph it as its wings

dried before it continued on its’ life journey. The boys in Year 3 have all done their

own ‘fact sheet’ or ‘information card’ on a bug of their choice and we are hoping to

set up a ‘Bug Storey’ wall hanging pocket system that anyone can access giving

information on the different things found in the Bug Storeys’ habitat. I have laminated

the cards so that they can be taken down to the habitat in all weathers. Some are

typed on the computer and some are hand written but they are entirely the boys

own work. We also have written newspaper style articles about the building of the

Bug Storey and I am in the process of setting up a display in the corridor leading to

my room that will show these articles and the information cards alongside some

lovely pictures of bugs. I hope to put netting across the corridor to suspend bugs

from and create a ‘bug experience’ on the way to the classroom.

‘‘ ‘‘

Moulsford Boys have got the bug!


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