Bug parties

It’s always a struggle coming up with new and exciting

ideas for children’s parties, so here’s a brilliant one…

The Bug Storeys Birthday Party.


Time the installation of your Bug Storeys Habitat

with a special birthday and give your children and their

friends a day to remember forever. Leave it up to our

super-enthusiastic Bug Ranger to involve the children,

firstly helping to fill the Bug Storeys Habitat with natural materials and then by leading a fun bug hunt around the garden to find the first inhabitants. What could be more fun than getting down and dirty with the mini-beasts, before enjoying a delicious and nutritious bug-based picnic and party games?


We’ll provide themed games and activities throughout

the day to keep the children entertained and can also

deliver a range of fabulously healthy party food, all freshly and lovingly prepared with little monsters in mind.


Alternatively, you can host a Bug-themed

Party without the Bug Storeys Habitat.

We can provide all the food, fun and

activities guaranteed to leave your guests

buzzing with excitement!


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