Arnett Hills JMI school: first to get the bug in Hertfordshire

If you ever needed proof that the Bug Storeys experience is an all-weather

one, just ask the staff and pupils of Arnett Hills. Rain certainly didn't stop play

(or bug hunting!) at the Rickmansworth school, where we recently installed Hertfordshire's first Bug Storeys Habitat. Over 300 excited pupils played an active part in helping our Bug Rangers to build each storey and hunt for the first residents to move in.  Thanks to the wet weather we certainly weren't short of worms and snails and much to the children's delight were even

joined by a friendly frog that hopped by just to say hello.

Arnett bug-mania!

The bug-mania was led by super-supportive Head Teacher Traci Ali, who is a champion of outdoor learning and re-connecting children with nature. Traci said..


“So many of the children are fascinated by mini-beasts and the Bug Storeys Habitat is an ideal way to literally ‘bring alive’ part of the science curriculum and observe and understand the importance of the tiniest creatures in the grand scheme of things,

together with life cycles, food chains and classification. Bug Storeys will provide the children with an accessible way of understanding the significant role mini-beasts play

 in terms of ecology, environment and our planet’s future.

We can’t wait to get started!”


As well as the great teachers and enthusiastic pupils, we were also joined at the event by members of the PTA and Justin Donovan, Deputy Director of Education for Hertfordshire County Council, who commented...


“It’s wonderful to see an entire school community come together in support of the great outdoors. It’s so important for young people in Hertfordshire to build and develop an interest in the natural world on their very doorstep”.


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